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Antigua is said to have 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Enjoy this sampling of the beautiful white sand beaches of Antigua.

To try and help you plan your time in Antigua, whether you are on a cruise ship and have one day to chose the perfect beach, or here for some time and want to spend time on many different beaches, we have listed which beaches are good for snorkelling, hire of equipment, water sports, whether there are bars and restaurants, or hotels and resorts, and finally if the beach is clothing optional (tip - there is only one, and culturally topless sunbathing should be done at your discretion if at all).

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CARLISLE BAY BEACH Located by the village of Old Road on the south coast of Antigua.

CRAB HILL BEACH (TURNERS) Located at the village of Crab Hill on the south west coast of Antigua.

DARKWOOD BEACH Located on south west coast of Antigua.

DEEP BAY Located in Five Islands Village in the western corner of Antigua.

DICKENSON BAY Located along the island's developed northwestern coast.

DUTCHSMAN'S BAY Located on the north coast of Antigua near the airport.

FFRYES BEACH Located at Fryes point on the West Coast of Antigua.

FORT JAMES BEACH (FORT) Located at Fort Bay on the northwest coast of Antigua.

FREEMAN'S BAY (GALLEON BEACH) Set within the Nelson's Dockyard National Park.

GALLEY BAY BEACH Located at Five Islands Village on the northwest coast of Antigua.

GREAT BIRD ISLAND One of the largest of the North Sound islands.

GREEN ISLAND located just off the east coast of Antigua.

HALF MOON BEACH Located about a 5 minute drive from Freetown village on the south east coast of Antigua.

HAWKSBILL BEACHES Located in the Five Islands peninsula, 5 minutes from St. John's

HERMITAGE BAY Located between the capital St. John's and Jolly Harbour.

HOG BAY & RUBBISH BAY Located on the east coas of Barbuda.

JABBERWOCK BEACH Located on the northeastern coast of Antigua.

JOLLY BEACH Located on the west coast of Antigua.

LONG BAY BEACH Located about 5 minutes from the village of Willikies at Long Bay on the east coast of Antigua.

MORRIS BAY Located on the south coast of Antigua.

PALM BEACH Located on the west coast of Barbuda near the Codrington Lagoon.

PIGEON POINT BEACH Located about a 5min drive from English Harbour on the south east coast of Antigua.

PINK SAND BEACH Located a few miles south of Codrington in Barbuda.

RENDEZVOUS BAY BEACH Located on the south side of the island near Falmouth Harbour.

RUNAWAY BEACH Located on the northwest coast of Antigua.

VALLEY CHURCH BEACH Located on the West coast of Antigua.

WINDWARD BEACH is located on the South East coast of the island near English Harbour.


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