Bird Island is a 20 acre islet lying almost three kilometres north-east of Antigua. Over 20,000 tourists visit Great Bird Island annually who generally regard it as a “desert island” dream.
Named by sailors who were amazed at the number of birds that they found living and nesting there, Great Bird Island is a miniature paradise. White sand beaches at either end of the sandbar are the main attraction for visitors. 

Whilst it is better known for its superb beaches and closely surrounding coral reefs than any wildlife, it is also the only place you can see an Antiguan racer in the wild. The entire world population of this snake lives on the island. As well as being the last refuge of the Antiguan racer, it's the home for a variety of endangered creatures including exotic red-billed tropic birds (Phaeton astherus), brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), rare lizard , West Indian whistling ducks and the magnificent frigate bird or man o’ war bird (Fregata magnificens).

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Great Bird Island Antigua

Great Bird Island Antigua

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