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Tuesday 21st January 2014

The team arriving in Nelson's Dockyard

After 48 days at sea unaided in just a 7 meter rowing boat –3000 miles later the team not even considered to be able to get to the start line win their division.

A team of four amateur rowers made up of a Viscount, the former Captain of the England polo team, a professional polo player and a former stockbroker have won the world’s No.1 Ocean Endurance Race after 48 days at sea unaided in just a seven meter rowing boat.  The Atlantic Polo Team crossed the finish line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge at approximately 1.30pm today (GMT) winning their class of fours.

The brutal endurance race only takes place every two years where more people have been into space, or climbed Everest than they have rowed the Atlantic. The team set off on the 4th December rowing into the toughest conditions ever known and facing a storm on just the 4th day at sea.

Emotional Welcomes from Friends and Family

Emotional welcomes from friends and families were filmed by international press on the ground and excited well wishes greeted the first view of the final few yards rowing with flares to lead them in to their final destination. Blaring horns from all the board moored in the Dockyard along with cheering crew and many other well wishers clapped and cheered as the Polo Team finally arrived dockside.

The Atlantic Polo Team who were racing in the class of fours division, have been racing neck and neck against former servicemen Row 2 Recovery who got as close as 5 miles behind them in a bid to overtake them during the gruelling 48 day race. Alongside this they have endured 35ft waves, being locked in the airtight cabin for 70 hours, fevers and two men overboard.

The team commented:

“The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is something we feel extremely privileged to have experienced, yet would not have wished upon our worst enemies some of those experiences!  We have been through hell and back again out there. Most did not expect us to even get to the start line, we are delighted to have won the fours & be 2nd out of the entire fleet – it’s been epic.“

The race has seen three crews needing to be rescued and air lifted to safety and 12 crews of solos, pairs and fours remain at sea.

Teams row more than 3,000 nautical miles across the world's second largest ocean, heading west from San Sebastian in La Gomera to Nelson's Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua. Once they leave the safety of the harbour they are on their own in the vast ocean against the mercy of the elements.

No outside support is permitted once the race begins and rowers will be disqualified in the event of requiring support. No boat shall receive any extra supplies during the race, including food, water or equipment.

The team are rowing to raise money for working horses and their families on behalf of the Brooke and children in both the UK and disadvantaged countries on behalf of Hilton in the Community Foundation and Right To Play.

Media Enquiries: Lucy Northmore, 07921887296

Broadcast content to be credited :"Produced by North One Television"
Imagery to be credited “Ben Duffy”

About Henry Brett
Henry (38) is the only English player of his generation to have reached a handicap of 8 goals in the UK. He has played for his country for over a decade and won every major tournament in England and overseas. Henry comes from Oxford and runs a young horse programme as well as continues to play professionally around the world.
About Bobby Dundas (Viscount Melville)
Bobby (29) is the Captain of the four man Atlantic Polo Team boat, based in Gloucestershire Bobby has played for England in the European Championships in Rome, the World Cup in Mexico, and England tours to Pakistan and Zimbabwe. His charity work started in Argentina by volunteering at an orphanage which he continues to visit regularly. In 2012 Bobby set up 'Monty's Polo for Justice‘ to help raise funds for Alexander Monson who fell victim to police brutality in Kenya.   
About James Glasson
James (39) is a professional polo player and Business Director based in Sussex. James is the adventurer of the team and an avid sailor having already sailed across the Atlantic in 2011, climbed numerous Mountains and also reached the summit of Aconcagua – the highest mountain in the America’s. James is ready for a new challenge and to show off his navigation skills. He has played around the world in high goal polo and for England. .
About Fergus Scholes
Fergus Scholes (31) is an amateur polo player and former stockbroker. Fergus held the title of National School’s Champion, rowing at Henley for three years and was the Schools' Head of River Race champion amongst other achievements and is looking forward to picking up the oars again for this coveted challenge.


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