The St. John's Taxi Association is a non-profit organization that manages the dispatch and administration of all taxis and fares leaving the Heritage Quay cruise ship dock in Antigua. Operating seven days a week, the association ensures that all people in Heritage Quay are able to be transported to their chosen destination in a timely manner and in the style of their choosing.

If you want to make a booking before you arrive in Antigua to secure your ride - look no further - Evanson Ellis is your man.

He can accommodate any number of people or groups from an intimate car that can take 4 people to a large bus with 29 seats. All vehicles are air-conditioned and kept in spick and span condition by the drivers who take pride in their work space and are inspected regularly.�

As a member of the association. he pays his�dues in order to be able to legally operate from Heritage Quay. He wears uniform and has to clearly display a badge in the window of each vehicle giving him permission to ply his trade, as well as a sticker from the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board which denotes his jurisdiction. The number 1 means he is authorized to operate from Heritage Quay and also means that he has fully paid his government road tax for the year.


Whether you're here for the day on a cruise ship or staying a while on the island Mr. Ellis has you covered!

He tours the entire island, so if after shopping in St. John's you need to return to your hotel on the other side of the island, or you want to cool off at a beachside restaurant, he can take you there. .

Back to Ship Guarantee. Evanson Ellis has been serving cruise ship passengers for years. He is very knowledgeable about the island. He has planned to a T the tours and the time spent at each stop on the tours, so you can get you back to the ship on time. So leave yourself in the Association's able hands, sit, relax and enjoy your tour of the Gem of the Caribbean.

He also operates at the V.C. Bird International Airport.


Email Ellis on stjohnstaxi@hotmail.com. You will pay only when the tour is complete.

The rates for all taxi fares in Antigua and Barbuda are set by the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board.



Antigua getting around: St. John

Antigua getting around: St. John

Antigua getting around: St. John

Antigua getting around: St. John

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TEL: +1 (268) 723 - 5745
EMAIL: stjohnstaxi@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: Heritage Quay St. Johns
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