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Wednesday 20th March 2013 allows guests to review where they stayed, dined and what they did on vacation. Take a look below at this excellent review of Grand Pineapple Beach

"Grand Again !"

Visited March 2 through March 9. Okay, Let's get right to issue about Sandals. This property is owned by the Sandals CORPORATION, it is not a Sandals Resort. Think of it this way, General Motors makes Cadillac's, they also make Chevy's, they are the same company just different brands, styles and pricing of vehicles. If you feel the need for very glamous, marble decor, high end finishes and sharing your vacation with 1000 other guests, then book and expect to pay the price for a Sandals Resort. On the other hand if you want an intimate, homey feel resort by all means select GPB. This was our second stay and we were so glad that things have not changed much at all. With only 180 rooms we never had to be transported to our room via a golf cart much like you do at the mega Sandals resorts. We have stayed at Sandals Resorts and while they were nice and much more expensive, we much prefer the quietness and quaintness of GPB.

We booked a tropical waterfront room (requested 532 but got 530 which was perfectly fine !) It is on the second floor, next to the last room nearest the gazebo. The view from the balcony is to die for. We have been to Moorea (an island in the south pacific where huts are actual in the water) and this is literally the next best thing. You are about 20 ft from the water, the gentle lapping of the waves is just the lullaby you need as you drift off to sleep at night.

The food was typical for an all-inclusive. I cannot imagine trying to please so many different tastes and have it come up as well as they did. The resort was at full capacity while we were there and while the service was sometimes spotty, it did nothing to upset ones vacation. They work extremely hard with so many people to serve, seems like as soon as one meal is done they are busy preparing for the next. No small feat in itself ! The food must have been good because my scale proved it once I got home :(

The beach.....what more could you want ? isn't that what you really are looking most forward to ?. We've been all around the world and this is truly one of the best. Firm white sand and a gradual decline into the water, protected cove so waves are rarely an issue. The snorkeling was fair (go to the far end of the beach).

Vendors, are polite and a simple no thank you and they are on their way.

Excursions: We opted for the Eco Tour Adventure. IMO it is overpriced. $140 per person. While the crew was very friendly and interesting, it misses the mark and you could get the same from any other excursion aka beach lunch and snorkeling.

Some hints:
1. Book tropical waterfront, it's well worth the extra money (and it really isn't THAT much more).

2. Bring a watch or alarm clock. I know on vacation you shouldn't worry about what time it is, but there are no alarm clocks in your room nor are there any clocks anywhere that we could find. Since we were going on an excursion we needed to know what time it was so we could be where we needed to be before departing. We had asked for a wake up call but it never came so good thing my hubby woke up when he did.

3. Bring your own hair conditioner as none is provided in your room toiletries. They do supply shampoo which is suppose to have conditioner it in but I couldn't get a comb through my hair, so I paid $3 for a trial size conditioner in their gift shop.:) Well worth the money but normally it's is something that is supplied by a resort. They also do not have any lotion in your room. Not a big deal but wasn't something I even considered packing.

4. While we were there they had no diet soda, being a diet soda person, that was hard, Not sure what the issue was, so I substituted tropical drinks :)

5. Go and enjoy yourself, don't fret the little things, meet new people and enjoy the diversity of them.

6. A note to the resort......we heard rumors all week long that GPB will be coverting to the Sandals resort model. DO NOT DO THIS !!! You have diamond in the rough and to change to that format would be a shame. Keep it the welcoming, initimate resort that it is and you will continue to enjoy the high occupancy rate you currently have !

Stayed March 2013, traveled as a couple.

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