Caribbean Crews is a professional production service company with 15 years experience servicing photography, film and video productions throughout the Caribbean, with offices in Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago.  Production teams with a team of skilled regular freelancers work together to deliver a consistent high quality production service to all clients.

To date Caribbean Crews have experience working on feature films and TV commercials such as the very successful ‘Malibu Rum’ series, as well as photographic clients ranging from French Vogue, Elle, Glamour Magazines through to the seasonal catalogues.

Caribbean Crews have a vast digital library with thousands of reference shots to help you choose the right location. Once chosen and scouted Caribbean Crews then helps arrange for all local permissions and compliance with Government requirements, booking and transportation of crew and equipment, Customs, accommodation, transport, have art department standing by, and catering cooking up a storm.   It need not end there, we can have an editor on location so that the whole shoot can take place off shore with editing next to the pool.


Cades Bay beach

Fishing boat

Beach hut

Beach view

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