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Thursday 14th June 2012
A & B BUZZ caught up with Tracy Guerrero of Indigo Event Services, the wedding planner for this year's Destination Wedding.  Read the interview below as A & B Buzz chats with Ms. Guerrero.
A& B BUZZ: How long have you been in the wedding planning business?
Tracy Guerrero: For just over 5 years, but I have been involved in events and exhibitions for nearly 20 years
 A& B BUZZ: What changes have you seen in couples’ demands over the years?
Tracy Guerrero: They have become more relaxed with less fixed ideas of what they would like for their special day.  The groom is also becoming much more involved in the planning process and we quite often have the first stage of the inquiry from the groom and he stays firmly involved.
A& B BUZZ: What makes Antigua and Barbuda a good wedding and honeymoon choice?
Tracy Guerrero: The welcoming attitude of the people; our beautiful beaches; the relaxed, chilled out atmosphere around the island; the fact that our hotels are small chains or independently owned and offer a more personalized service, plus we have a wealth of villas and yachts that suit most budgets and just ooze Caribbean charm and warmth.
A& B BUZZ: What are some of A & B’s strongest romantic elements?
Tracy Guerrero: A range of venues to host the ceremony, reception, or other celebrations from beach and water front restaurants that offer dining at the water’s edge; sunset cruises; Shirley Heights at sunset; sunset cocktails at Sheer Rocks.
A& B BUZZ: What makes Indigo Event’s service unique? What sets you apart from other wedding planners?
Tracy Guerrero: We aim to take away the stress of getting married 1,000s of miles away from home and let the couple enjoy their special day, without taking over. We talk to our couples at length to get a clear understanding of their dreams and ideas; then working with the best service providers the island has we put together a detailed proposal which, if needed, we continually adapt and amend to ensure we create as perfect day as we can. 
We are in regular contact with the couple, as quite often the bride will see things in a magazine or on line and want to change her flowers or style of the cake e.  Then we are on site, albeit in the background, from start to finish on the day and deal with any hiccups that may occur without anyone being aware. 
A& B BUZZ: What are some of the major challenges you face?
Tracy Guerrero: Being able to easily and cost effectively source different items for decor; being able to provide a good selection of different dining furniture and accessories.  Ensuring everything is ready on time – which it normally is but sometimes “island time” can cut things a big too close for comfort!
A& B BUZZ: What is the most novel idea/concept that has been requested and how did you handle it?
Tracy Guerrero: A bride and groom who had different ideas on what they wanted for transport to and from the church and reception – the bride wanted something traditional and the groom wanted something racy!  So, we arranged for the bride to travel with her father to the church in a horse and cart and then for the bride and groom to travel part way to the reception, For the groom, we arranged for him and the best man to travel to the church in a bright blue Maserati and then half way to the reception, the happy couple swapped the horse and carriage for the Maserati! 
A& B BUZZ: If you could wave a magic wand, what would make your job as a wedding planner much easier?
Tracy Guerrero: Faster responses from some of the potential venues and suppliers with menus and/or prices, simple; quick and cost effective ways to bring some items into the island.  Plus the ability to be able to have some of the fabulous tents; dining furniture; decor and other items that you see on the internet in some of the major countries around the world!! 


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