The government of Antigua & Barbuda owns 55% of the land in Antigua. The remaining 45% is privately owned. Currently, land ownership is prohibited on the island of Barbuda. The Land Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Marine Resources is the main governing body. 

  • Land acquisition - Both citizens and non-citizens can lease of buy land from the government or the private sector. Buying through the government is always conditional on approval of a proposed project by line ministries and the Cabinet.
  • Alien's Land Holding License - Land sold to non-citizens is subject to the Non-Citizen Land Holding Regulation Act, that makes provisions for the buyer to obtain a license to purchase land. It is advised that the buyer consults with a local attorney.
  • DCA - Land use for commercial is deemed for agricultural and industrial or tourism use. The Town and Country Planning office of the Development Control Authority (DCA) designates land usage areas.
  • Identifying land - Government manages several industrial estate and other plots for suitable projects. Private sector land focuses on land acquisition and leasing of commercial and residential space. There is a thriving private market for renting and selling vacation related properties in Antigua. Currently there are no privately owned or managed industrial estates.
  • Government land - Presently there are seven designated industrial estates in Antigua. The Land Department, the Free Trade and Processing Zone and Industrial Development Board manage these estates.


  • Land registration section
  • Block
  • Parcel
  • Name of Lessee
  • Name of Lessor
  • Size of parcel
  • Rental rate per annum
  • Number of years the land is to be leased
  • Intent of use
  • General terms of the lease
  • Exit conditions
  • Payment terms
  • Law applicable
  • Date and authorizing signature


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