Tranquillity, peace, relaxation, or energy, exhilaration and entertainment  - you determine your destination daily on a charter yacht holiday. 


Taking a holiday aboard the water is like staying in your very own floating villa. The crew are there for you and your guests alone, and to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday full of memorable moments.  


Not only can you choose to go to a different Island or harbour every day if you so desire, but you can start your holiday on one island and end it at another, or you can plan a round trip which takes you back to your original port. Chartering really can be customised to fit in with your trip of a lifetime. 


The crew will do everything from sailing the yacht to cooking gourmet meals, and keeping the drinks flowing all day and all night.  They are there to ensure that you have a relaxed and carefree holiday.  


Your holiday can be planned exactly to your wishes, with a mixture of relaxing days cooling out in the Caribbean Waters to a day spent touring an island, to a night of local culture and entertainment.

The real beauty of a charter is that even if you had a plan for your day - if you wake up and decide you need to spend just one more day at the same place - then you can.
The Captain is happy to suggest an itinerary for you, as they will know the region intimately, but are also happy to be flexible to fit in with your wishes. 


Water sports from snorkelling and kayaking to diving can be arranged with prior notice, and many charters have these facilities already on board.  


Whether you have experience or not, many Captains and crew will be only too happy to take time to teach you about sailing.  Who knows your next charter might be taking a sailing course! 


  • How many people you wish to take with you - you can charter a boat for most sizes of parties, or you can choose to join an existing charter as a couple or on your own. The choice is yours.
  • The type of vessel you are interested in - The choice is either sailing yachts- mono hulls or catamarans, or motor yachts.
  • Your budget - every charter company uses a different cost structure, but before booking you need to know your total trip budget as many companies will be able to tailor make the trip to your agreed budget.
  • Where you would like to visit - e.g. touring around Antigua and Barbuda and St Martins, or going further afield. This is an important consideration in determining the cost of your charter holiday.


When you have made the decision that you wish to take a charter yacht holiday you need to know who to book with and how the costs break down. 


It is advisable to use a broker to book your charter.  This is because many brokers know the crew and captain personally regularly inspect the vessel.  They will be able to ensure that the vessel you choose best suits the needs of you and your party. 


As with any holiday you need to know the full cost of your holiday before agreeing to it. Every charter company has a different cost structure,  therefore you need to know which costs you should expect to cover on the trip, so that on receiving a quote you will know if that is the total cost of the trip or not.

Apart from the actual cost of the charter, the following things may or may not be included in your quote:
  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Local cruising and immigration costs
  • Motoring costs
  • Dockage costs
  • Not Included unless otherwise stated
  • Flight costs
  • Tips - generally 10-20% of the charter cost.
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