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Monday 13th April 2015

Every year there are many heroes in the background who work tirelessly to ensure that all of the participants, whether on or off the water at Antigua Sailing Week, have a fantastic time. Whether an international judge, who is essential and legally required to ensure that the racing is managed fairly, or the team who are responsible for ensuring all of our sponsors’ branding is where it should be, there are usually more than 100 people working tirelessly to ensure everyone has a fantastic event.

For some people, volunteering is the foot in the door to a whole new world that can lead to career change while for others it’s just a whole heap of fun they look forward to each year.

We still have some positions available on the team for ASW 2015. Take a read below and contact the person by email who is listed if you are interested in getting involved.

Media Intern(s)
A media Intern – this could be one or two people – there is a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Meeting and greeting international and local media, assisting in their queries, assisting the press officer in directing the media to the press boat, producing and checking media passes, answering questions about Antigua and giving interesting suggestions for not to miss people and places. And of course anything else that might come up. It is essential to have an open and warm personality who is not scared to talk to strangers, and generally be confident in your knowledge of Antigua and Barbuda. Start date Wednesday 22nd April.


The Green Team
Bag Distribution & Station Checks 
The early bird catches the worm and our Bag Distributors and Station Checkers working between 6am – 9am daily will be ensuring our sailors have a new bag for their daily recycling and also collecting their evening recycling. (We will be weighing it to build metrics on how much waste we divert from the landfill at Cooks).
Who are you? An early riser who is happy to walk the docks, collect the bagged recycling and of course talk to our sailors, smile and be cheerful.

Recycling Monitor at Parties
Monitor and assist people to understand what goes where at Waste Stations. (Make sure they put it in the right hole), empty and reset bins, make sure the signage is intact and people understand what they are supposed to be doing. Various times from 2.30PM each day.

Sky Juice Bar
Assist in offering our sailors free refills of water from our UV filtered water station giving them Free Antigua Sky Juice to drink.  Open from 7:00AM – 9.30AM and 2.30PM -7.00PM daily.

Bin Diving & Greeners 
All waste bins need to be inspected for missed items when being emptied and ensure no recycling ends up in the landfill. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Main qualifications are a passion for our environment and a desire to help ensure we minimise our damaging impact on it.

All Green Team roles email:

Sales Girl
We have two volunteer posts on our sales team at the merchandise tent serving customers. Previous sales experience helps. Different shifts available from 7.30AM to 7.00PM daily.

Email: thebestcoltd@gmail.comj

Promo Girls (and of course boys)
Each day we have information to tell our skippers but more importantly we want people visible after racing for an hour or two to walk the docks and make sure everyone is ok, answer queries and make sure our visitors know where the party is that night.


Runners/Trouble Shooters/Ground Crew
You need to go where the action is and help sort it out. Or be on the move from A to B to Z all day long helping move/set up people and ‘stuff’.


In all cases volunteering can be hard work, challenging and at times boring but most times it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great opportunity to network and make new friends or business contacts.

Please note – by its nature it is unpaid work, but you never know where it may lead.  Let us know if you are in. There are only a limited number of positions so please act fast and if the role is filled, let us know if you want to stay on our contact list for next year.

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