Linda Webber is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, with a double major in art. Before coming to Antigua, she was an animation artist. Special effects and color modeling were her fields. Her name appears on the credits for such films as Little Mermaid, Roger Rabbit, and many more under the banner of Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. In the movie Star Trek, The Movie, Linda was on the roto-scoping team. Her career in animation and films spanned nearly 25 years. She moved to Antigua in 1989 to pursue a career in therapeutic massage. Due to a turn of fate she started to draw again..
Linda has a remarkable ability to observe and to render what she sees. Her snapshots are all taken with a drawing in mind. Being in English Harbour, the yachts give her great inspiration.
Linda also enjoys doing portraits. She enjoys the process of working on the light and shade on a face and making it come to life on paper. Her keen eye for detail combined with incredible technique combine to create truly stunning works of art.
Linda is now taking commissions for the upcoming yachting season.
If you are interested in seeing more of Linda's work, or would like a personal portrait of your own, please contact Linda through the information provided in the contact box.


drawings by Linda Webber - Antigua galleries & artist

drawings by Linda Webber - Antigua galleries & artist

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