Bible Study at 10:00 am
Morning Worship at 11:00 am
Evening Worship at 06:00 pm
Bible Study at 07:30 pm

Youth meeting at 04:00 pm

The Villa Church of Christ aims to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptizing penitent believers in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and continuing to teach them to observe all that Our Lord has commanded.

At a time where there may be many doubts and concerns that might be worrying persons, we are confident in the true hope of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in living practically as Christians by taking the principles of the Bible and applying them to our daily lives but doing so from a perspective and firm conviction of faith. Whatever you need, we will indeed be so happy to study and speak with you.
Intending to serve with a desire to be pleasing to God, What we want is for you to be able to experience and enjoy the freedom that can only come from God through faith and by His grace! 
To ensure, by faith, a positive future,  we need to invest time and effort in our children by teaching them and showing them the way to a life that leads to life. We have a yearly summer-camp that is geared towards teaching sound Christian principles in an environment conducive for such. 
Hope...what is our hope? Our hope is one that is true, of God, and one that is of surety and our wish is that you do indeed feel encouraged to visit where we worship.  See you soon.
Visit today and start that journey. Although it may be difficult at times, when you really think about what you are doing now, where you would like to be, what is at stake - and even more so - what can be had, do you think it's worth it? Think about it..
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