Triathlon is a 'lifestyle' sport ­ which exudes vitality and charisma and has been described as fresh; new and exciting as well as tough, demanding and gruelling. Invented in the early 1970’s by the San Diego Track Club, Triathlon made its Olympic Debut in the Sydney 2000 summer games and no other sport has achieved Olympic programme status in such a short time frame.

Triathlon first started in Antigua and Barbuda in 1984 as a Sprint Distance Course and after a short break ABTRI held the first "LETS swim, LETS bike, LETS run" triathlon in December 2006 also with just a sprint distance. "LETS" 2007 saw the addition of an Olympic course.
Triathlon is made up of three different sports disciplines – swimming, cycling and running – teams can enter as well as individuals which means that competitors don’t have to be able to do all 3. Teaming up with one or two other people is a great way of competing in a triathlon but if you don’t know anyone willing to join with you, ABTRI will be able to link you up with others.
Olympic ~
1500m swim
40km bike ride
10km run

Sprint ~
750m swim
20km bike ride
5km run

Antigua and Barbuda, a beautiful destination for triathlon and when the race is over, relax on one of our 365 beaches; take a catamaran cruise around the island; snorkel in our crystal clear waters; zip line through the rain forest; have a spa treatment; hike to historical sites; go shopping; chill out and lime with the locals at one of our many rum shacks or dine with the sand between your toes at numerous beach side restaurants. With direct flights from the UK; Canada; parts of the US and several Caribbean Islands including Puerto Rico with direct flights to 150 North American cities, we are waiting for you to join us!


A & B Triathlon Association (ABTRI) antigua - Triathletes line up for swim start

A & B Triathlon Association (ABTRI) antigua -Triathletes cycling during the second stage of competition

A & B Triathlon Association (ABTRI) antigua -Triathlete coming in for the win from a triathlon trip

A & B Triathlon Association (ABTRI) antigua - Triathlete fans encouraging triathletes from side during triathlon

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