The Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide was first published in 1994 by marine photographer Alexis Andrews and produced by Lightwave Publications Ltd. Early distribution was 10,000 copies to yachts, marinas, chandeliers, Customs, Immigration and Port Authority offices in Antigua plus yachting events such as the Charter Yacht Show, the Classic Regatta and Sailing Week. Since added is the RORC Caribbean 600 and the Superyacht Regatta. Unlike most tourism products, yachts are mobile and advertising needs to be targeted through a medium the yachts will keep. The Marine Guide has a shelf life of more than a year and is read by crew and guests alike. It is also popular with shore based visitors to Antigua

In 2005 Lightwave Publications was sold and over the next five years distribution increased to 27,000 including New York, Washington, Newport (Rhode Island), Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Toronto, London, Paris Monaco and Genoa. Actual distribution numbers vary slightly dependent upon how many copies are ordered by the Tourism Authority of Antigua & Barbuda. Despite the increase in distribution advertising rates have remained unchanged since 1996.

An early addition to the printed magazine was the website - - which carries much the same information but in a different format. In recent years an on-line copy of the Marine Guide has been available on the website or by going to

Yachting is a high spend sector within tourism and is set to continue to expand. Currently, there are over 400 superyachts under construction increasing the world's fleet by 10%, many of which will visit the Caribbean including Antigua.

Substantial numbers of superyachts base themselves in the Caribbean between November and May for a variety of reasons. The northern hemisphere winter is one good reason but also, the Caribbean is less expensive than Europe and the U.S. and some islands, Antigua in particular, are known for their servicing and repair facilities. The biggest single reason for yachts to winter in the Caribbean is the charter market of which Antigua is the centre. Many of these yachts charter for thousands of dollars per day and the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide is targeted at this high spending elite.

The Marine Guide provides a wide variety of information for the yachting visitor not only on the best spots to anchor but also where it is best to shop and eat, or essential information on clearance and entry procedures. A surprising number of yacht owners and skippers own property in Antigua with all that property ownership entails. Many owners, crew and guests spend time ashore, rent cars, buy clothes and jewellery and a myriad of other goods. In fact, the yachting industry contributes 25% to 30% to Antigua & Barbuda's GDP, a major source of the country's revenue. The Antigua & Barbuda Marine Guide is an ideal medium through which advertisers can reach all parts of the marine industry and yachting tourism sector.

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Antigua Publications: Antigua Marine Guide

Antigua Publications: Antigua Marine Guide

Antigua Publications: Antigua Marine Guide

Antigua Publications: Antigua Marine Guide

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