This hike is one of the lesser used ones, and climbs to just under 700 metres. That said the unbelievable views are worth it, from the Sherkley Mountains in the West, to Willoughby Bay in the East, English Harbour and the airport, you get views of much of the island along the hike.

Starting on the main road in Piccadilly (on the way to St. James Club), park somewhere close to the 'Reflexology' sign on the road side, and then continue up and over the small hill in the road, turning onto the grassy track, before the sharp right bend in the road. From here you follow the track up, and up, and up, Follow the track until you come to a white marl road, then hang a right, carrying on uphill where you pass 3 hours with some of the most outstanding views in Antigua. After the last house, keep to the left and keep hiking uphill and follow the path. Depending on the amount of rain, the path can be very grassy and not that clear, or much clearer and easier to follow. You are heading up the hill with the huge aerial to your right, and once at the view point in front of the aerial, keeping to its left you hit a track which you then follow until you come to a split in the road. If you keep ahead you eventually walk into the village of Liberta, but take a left and the track leads straight up to the Fort.

Along that same path is another split in the track, keep right to head up to the Fort, and on your return down from the Fort this will be the road you take straight back down into Cobb's Cross. Once at Cobb's Cross take a left back on the main road and walk until you reach your car.

For all of the hikes in this area we advise wearing good footwear, either trainers or lightweight walking boots, anything with a good sole. There are a lot of tree roots along the track especially lower down on the hill, which are easy to get a foot caught in, and in the dry season, the tracks can be slippy. Generally in the area there are also many Acacia trees with spines of over an inch long in some cases. They can pierce straight through a trainer sole into your foot, so require immediate removal! Always take drinking water, and we advise walking either early morning or late afternoon as the heat gets very intense between 10.00 am and 3..00 pm.  It is also advisable to wear a hat.

For those interested in the flora and historic sites of the area there is a great hike book with photographs identifying many of the flora you will see available from the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG). Find out more about the EAG and where you can purchase the book here. Read more.


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NAME: Monk's Hill and Fort George
ADDRESS: Falmouth and Piccadilly Approx 4 km
LOCATION: 16 View Map

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