The Friends of the Care Project (FOTCP), is a non-profit charitable organization that funds and facilitates the Friends Development Centre (FDC), in Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies.

The charity was set up in 2012 offering support to the institution for abandoned children. As we reached further into the wider community, we soon realized that a facility was required to offer a stimulating and educational environment as these children would otherwise be hidden behind closed doors and have no access to stimulating education or therapy.

The FDC was built in 2018 with generous donations, offering free services to the island's differentlyabled community, through a three-tier service. The FDC has no governmental support, although we are registered under and are accountable to the Ministry of Education.

The first tier is a daily program where students have access to speech, occupational and physiotherapy and a stimulating educational environment where the children learn through sensory exploration and are guided through educational lesson plans, working towards individualized targets, which support each child to reach their fullest potential. We have observed much progress over the years.

Here's a video showing the progress of students who are in the daily program. 

The second-tier system was born through the many workshops provided by FOTCP at the local clinics educating nurses on early detection and dealing with parents’ denial. Furthermore, we have offered support in the schools across the island for a more inclusiveness environment and also parenting workshops on how to stimulate children using household items.

Working closely with the clinics it became apparent that families were unable to afford the ongoing costs associated with specialized therapy. Through the charity, FOTCP, the FDC offers free speech, occupational and physiotherapy services on a weekly appointment basis, supporting our goal of early intervention. Each parent and caregiver is advised on how to work and support their child, bringing them to the next development level.

Through further outreach within the community, it was discovered that a number of young adults (mainly autistic or those with developmental delays) who have left school (such as Adele and Victory Centre) due to their age, were reported to now becoming bombastic due to the lack of a stimulating daily schedule.

In 2020 Friends of The Care Project extended their Outreach Programme to include vocational training in encouraging life skills, this becoming our third tier. The young adults in this programme participate in gardening, woodwork, care of rabbits, going weekly to Sailability (the National Sailing Academy) and learning to play the steel pan.


Friends of The Care Project

Antigua Causes: Friends of The Care Project

Antigua Causes: Friends of The Care Project

Antigua Causes: Friends of The Care Project

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